Vadapalani Matriculation School believes in the all-round development of a child and so to help him/her realize his latent talent and potential the following clubs have been started. The Clubs will function weekly on Fridays. The English Club conducts debate, public speaking, theater, to enhance students’ language and communication skills. We also have Maths Club, the Science Club (includes nature club) Music Club, Home Science Club, Sports Club, Dance Club, Language Club, Quiz Club, and Service Club.

Science Clubs

The Science Club has been bringing science to life to school children. It fuels the wonder and joy of learning, through the process of visualizing, constructing and using simple day today skills in presenting projects .Science projects satisfies the inquisitive mind of young children.

Student Clubs

In the beginning of the year students can select clubs that are focused on specific subject areas like Maths, Science, and English etc. The members are the students of Std.1 to 4 and Std.5 to 9. On Every 3rd Saturday of the month children and teachers of this club meet. Activities like talk about scientists, Quiz programme, elocution etc is held. Members of this club share their thoughts weekly once at the assembly. Field trips, workshops and project work is also done by the members of this club.

Students Council Members

To develop the quality of service to society keeping others above self-interest.

Maths Clubs

Our goal is to provide a positive environment to develop mathematical skills and problems solving techniques. By working in individual and group settings, we strive to prepare our members to be strong math students and competitors. We want to encourage excelling as both a team member and an individual.